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Sometimes I Wish I Was A Man

This is from years ago before the implants .Also , this was way before I gained all that weight from eating too much junk food and watching Springer . I look much better with makeup on and either highlights or blonde hair.
This was taken shortly before I got big time busted .I don't want to get into it . I was having a wild night on the town at some kinda strip joint it was a huge party for a good friend of mine . I don't fully remember all the details of the evening mainly because I was wasted. I would rather evade that time in my life . I just want to move on. Love me for who I am , not what I used to be . Even way back then , I was really wishing my chest was larger . I know this is very Chippendales-esque . Some might even think wow what a hardbody but I was never happy. I gained a lot of weight during my Springer days because food provided me with comfort at the time .I try to watch my weight a little more carefully now . I really cut down on consuming so many meals at once. I have tried to reform myself in so many ways since then.I still refuse to find the lord though.Waiting for the day I can hug a televangelist I guess.
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