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I Hope I Am Not Pregnant . I Don't Need To Give Birth To Half Penguin Types.

I feel pretty oh so pretty.
Dear Santa , Please have mercy on me . I just wanted to feel pretty . I didn't use birth control . I am sorry . I know the world doesn't need more of me . If it is true , can you give me an abortion for the holidays ?

OOPS FALSE ALARM . I DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT PARTS TO GET KNOCKED UP . Sometimes I forget where I came from .I am unique . I think I was confused. I am a genetic freak of nature . But I still get PMS sometimes. I am gender-fucked , gender-confused , and genetically defective . But , sometimes , I still feel like a diva. My boyfriend loves me for all of my body parts including the extra ones. Maybe I have multiple personality disorder , I am not sure , I have never been diagnosed. I would rather have multiple orgasms if you know what I mean ;) I am kinky . I was born with a vagina but a lot of man parts . Go figure . I have worked hard to get as far as I have . The surgeries helped too.
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